Rave Reviews For ​The Cats Of Bubastes

" The Cat of Bubastes is, in fact, sort of a thriller! Plotting, counter-plotting - a real action story with a strong moral element. "

- Anthony Daniels
Actor (Star Wars)

​" The Cat of Bubastes is a good story – a strong story full of important themes. "

- Elizabeth Counsell
Actress (The Chronicles of Narnia)

​" The Cat of Bubastes is exciting and a lovely way of teaching kids without looking as if you’re teaching them anything. Rather like the stories C.S. Lewis wrote!  "

- Lady Jill Freud
Actress and the inspiration behind the character of “Lucy” from The Chronicles of Narnia

​" An epic story and a very entertaining introduction to the history of the Egyptians." 

- Sylvester McCoy
Actor (Dr. Who, The Hobbit)

​" There’s something for everyone in this story. Romance, exciting battles, political intrigue…it’s got everything. "

- Rosanna Miles
Actress (Dr. Who audio series)

​" A very exciting and timeless story with huge educational value. Once you start listening, you can’t stop!  "

- Ian Cullen
Actor (Dr. Who, Father Gilbert Mysteries, The Luke Reports)

​" ​A passionate adventure story. "

- Russell Boulter
Actor (Ben Hur)

​" ​A relatable story about the journey of a young boy becoming a man. "

- Akintunde Esuruoso

​" ​An epic tale of loss and the triumph of good over evil. "

- Emily Woodward

Actress (Dr. Who audio series)

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